Chromium Ungoogled Portable build Update

Chromium Ungoogled – this is original chromium browser with patches by Eloston.

For today 2 teams make builds of it: Eloston team and Marmaduke.

Eloston team builds is an official Chromium with patches for better privacy and without Google ping and tracking system.

My portable builds of Eloston team Ungoogled Chromium you can download [here]

Marmaduke build 64 bit builds and rarely make 32bit. Main features of his builds is all codecs support like Chrome, such as H.264 + H.265 + AAC + MPEG-4 + AMR
Download my Marmaduke’s Ungoogled Portable build you can [here]

All this builds has my special version of launcher chromium-hackerman.exe using features of this builds at 100%.
You can read more about this builds [here] and [here], about my launcher [here]


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