Chromium and CECPQ2 (post-quantum key exchange algorithm)

I made new Chromium Ungoogled build, now it has launcher that support CECPQ2 (since Chromium from version 100 supports it) –  post-quantum key exchange algorithm in TLS. Not all websites and servers support it, but if you use Google or Cloudflare services it will make your connection more secure and confidential because they support it.

Some skeptics who don’t trust Google and BigTech says me that CECPQ2 didn’t bring nothing good, but – turn on your mind.

Yes, even if they our enemy, they need security from hackers, right? So they have to make shields for their data, they use their Chrome browser to work, they have to enable this security in browser.

And yes – it doesn’t enabled by default in browser and Google not one of them who make this algo.

First version of CECPQ called [NewHope] and was developed by group of scientists: [Erdem Alkim], Léo Ducas, Thomas Pöppelmann, Peter Schwabe.

More you can read in [wikipedia].

If you can’t do nothing, that doesn’t mean that you can just sit and hate them, browser is the instrument and you decide how to use it.

My chromium Ungoogled version build based on [Marmaduke] builds, who use [Eloston] patches.

For today this is the most secure and private browser, I check it.

Chromium ungoogled builds you can always [download here].

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